Helpie FAQ

  • Why should I outsource my practice's medical billing to a medical billing company?

    Why should I outsource my practice's medical billing to a medical billing company?

    Outsourced billing is typically a good fit for practice-owners who don’t want to manage an administrative team.
    Using a medical billing service eliminates the time, frustration and expense associated with building and maintaining the skilled workforce.
    A medical billing company lets you and your personnel focus on practicing medicine. Whether you have a private or a facility practice, or you are a primary care physician, or a specialty practice, having a medical billing service can make your practice more profitable.

    -    Are you experiencing slow or NO payments?
    -    Missing or inaccurate account record?
    -    Time lost when your staff gets backed up on other work?
    -    An employee suddenly leaves?

    All of the day-to-day billing functions are handled off-site when your billing functions are outsourced. With NEOMed you can forget everything you know about medical billing! Now you can concentrate your efforts on practicing medicine.

  • I’ve been working with another medical billing service. What makes NEOMed stand out from the rest?

    I’ve been working with another medical billing service. What makes NEOMed stand out from the rest?

    Ask yourself these questions:

    • Are you happy with their services?
    • Do you have to deliver your records to them and sometimes it's weeks until you get them back?
    • Does it seem as though your billing is completely out of hand?
    • Do you know what your monthly activity is and no one can tell you the status of your receivables?
    • How about the loss to your practice when a patient unbeknownst to you gets a collection letter you wouldn't have sent?

    Not all medical billing companies are the same!

    NEOMed is driven by passion and commitment to excellence in service as a medical claims and billing specialist. As a medical billing company we are dedicated to our customers and their success. After all, our success depends on yours.

  • Wouldn’t I save money by doing the billing in-house?

    Actually, it can end up costing you far more money. Consider all your expenses with an in-house staff: employee wages, benefits, taxes add to this the cost of computer hardware, software and could easily be paying out as much as you’re taking in.

    All too many practices just look at the bottom line without analyzing all the real costs of keeping billing in-house as opposed to outsourcing. The reality is, you could actually save significantly while increasing your collectibles.

    With NEOMed you will not need to deal with continual training to keep up with the latest Medicare and insurance changes or retraining when the person you’ve come to rely on moves on from your practice. You will not need to invest in expensive software or train your employers every time there is a software change or update. We will eliminate all worries about billing staff turnover.

    NEOMed provides a dedicated team of experts and you only pay based on collections. We are not hourly employees that are paid regardless of effort.  So if our work isn't effective, we don't get paid.

  • How does our office send our information

    We can work from any super bill that you are currently using, or custom design one to meet your needs. They can be faxed or emailed on a daily basis or sent by mail or FedEx at your convenience

  • What reports can we expect at month end

    What reports can we expect at month end

    We at NEOMed understand the importance of medical billing reports. We are able to provide any reports that you might need, including customized spreadsheets.

    With our monthly management reports you will easily be able to keep track of our progress and collection efforts.

    You’ll have all necessary information you need to make quality decisions that affect the profitability of your medical practice

  • Do you follow up on insurance inquiries?

    Each month a report is printed of all items pending with the insurance company, and follow up phone calls are made to the insurance company to check the status of pending items.

  • Electronic Billing

    We send electronic billing to all Medicare and Welfare payers and through clearing houses to all commercial carriers.

  • Are you equipped to handle out of state clients

    Yes, our software company Microsys currently has venders in 32 states, and they are willing to write software to customize your needs